Why am I excited for Glover?

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I haven’t played Glover since I rented it for the Nintendo 64 more than 20 years ago. So it doesn’t make sense that I’m suddenly excited to play it again just because developer Piko Interactive is releasing it on Steam. And yet here I am on the game’s store page ready to add it to my library.

Glover was a 1998 3D platformer from developer Hasbro Interactive. And because they were so new, 3D platformers stood out on that system. But the game was never great. Even at the time, it garnered — at best — mixed reviews from critics. This is probably why I’ve never gone back to it even using emulation.

If I’m going through the hoops of setting up an emulator, I’m going to boot up Mario 64 again. Or maybe I’ll spend time with a more esoteric classic like Blast Corps. But the point is that I haven’t had an urge to really go back and play Glover.

So why am I excited for it to come out on Steam? Well, I do think about Glover and reference it often. And I think that’s the difference. The idea that I will be getting and playing Glover alongside other people makes it more exciting to go back. This is the advantage that copyright holders will have in their fight against emulation. I could’ve played Glover at any time over the last 20 years, but I’m more likely to play it now that I have to spend money on it. And the reason is simply because Steam will put it in front of millions of others.

Gaming is a cooperative activity even if you play the games solo. You want to share your experience and talk about them with others, and I’m ready to do that even from friggin’ Glover.

Piko is releasing Glover for Steam on April 20.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz