WhatsApp to soon make it easier to forward stickers, quick shortcut feature in the works

WhatsApp is apparently testing a new feature that will allow users to quickly forward stickers to their contacts. The feature will launch for beta users on Android first. It will be available for all users at a later stage. The development comes after WhatsApp introduced a custom sticker maker on desktop and web versions of the app to let users create new stickers.

People on WhatsApp exchange stickers daily and these small visuals have become an important, also most popular, source of communication these days.

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The Meta (formerly known as Facebook) owned WhatsApp has also allowed third-party apps to build stickers for its platform. People daily download different kinds of stickers for good yet effective communication. The development was shared by WhatsApp features tracker WABetaInfo. It said that Android beta version has brought the dedicated shortcut to allow users to quickly forward stickers. The update has appeared for some beta testers on earlier versions, as per the trusted media sources.

Where will we find this feature?

The shortcut (forward) feature will be seen next to the sticker option. It will allow users to share the stickers instantly with others on their WhatsApp contact list.

How to use

You simply need to tap on the shortcut and then select the contact you want to share the sticker with. The process will help cut down the normal process, which is comparatively time consuming, where the user taps on the sticker first, holds and then hits the forward option from the top bar. The app already has a forward shortcut option for images that works the same way. It helps users quickly share pictures with contacts.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz