WhatsApp to let users connect to two Android devices with same account

Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new feature, which will let users add their current account to a secondary device, like an Android tablet.

Currently, the feature is only available to WhatsApp’s beta testers.

According to Android Authority, the new feature will let users link their WhatsApp account from their smartphone to the platform’s Android tablet app, which means there will be no need to create a separate WhatsApp account on the secondary Android device.

Once users get access to the updated WhatsApp app on their Android tablet, they will be asked to scan a QR code on the tablet app with their phone app.

When the linking process is complete, the messaging platform will transfer users’ chats to the tablet app, and they will be able to continue their conversations from their phone app on their Android tablet, according to the report.

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Last month, WhatsApp announced the launch of a new ‘Message Yourself’ feature in the coming weeks.

It is a 1:1 chat with yourself to send notes, reminders, and updates, the company said in a statement.

On WhatsApp, users can send notes, reminders, shopping lists, and other things to themselves in order to manage their to-do lists.



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