WhatsApp to double down on user security with this upcoming feature: Details

WhatsApp is apparently working to give users an additional layer of security to protect their accounts from being stolen. A new feature, called double verification code, is said to be in the works for Android and iPhone users. As the name suggests, the purported feature will seemingly help double down on user security by requiring a second verification code before signing into a new device.

Currently, WhatsApp offers single 6-digit verification code-based sign-in. This code is mandatory to use WhatsApp on a new device for the first time. WhatsApp feature update tracker, WABetaInfo, is reporting that WhatsApp is developing a double verification code feature that will –going forward— require all users to type in a second code for accessing this account. The need for a second code is said to stem from the growing cases of spoofing where users might be tricked into sharing their verification codes and getting their accounts hijacked by miscreants.

The new feature, when it arrives, will basically let users know that someone used the first verification code to initiate a sign-in. If the user did this, they could simply type in the second code and access their account. If not, it would give them a heads-up of any potential nefarious activity and prevent it before things go out of hand. It’s a neat feature that has great potential to give WhatsApp users added privacy and security. We can’t think of any other app that does this at the time of writing.

Regardless, the report is quick to add that the said WhatsApp feature is under development, currently, and is nowhere ready to be released for the public. WhatsApp may start beta testing soon, but that doesn’t guarantee an official roll-out for everyone, so we’ll see.   

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz