WhatsApp shares protocols for platform users to prevent account from ban

Meta-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp on Monday announced protocols for its users to prevent their accounts from being banned. According to WhatsApp’s monthly user safety report, over 2.3 million Indian accounts were banned in the month of August this year. WhatsApp says even if the user is spamming their contacts with too many “Good Morning” messages, their WhatsApp account is at the risk of getting banned. Below are the protocols shared by WhatsApp for its users to prevent account from ban:

Wisely forwarding messages

WhatsApp has limited the number of times users can forward messages, and created a label that appears on all forwarded messages. This is to encourage users to reconsider before sharing. Spamming other contacts by forwarding messages without paying heed to the content could result in the account being banned.

Avoid over-using broadcast lists

WhatsApp says frequent use of broadcast messages could lead to account ban, if contacts in the broadcast list have reported the messages multiple times.

Avoid automated or bulk messages

WhatsApp says it uses both machine learning and reports from users to detect and ban accounts that send unwanted messages. Therefore, avoid automated or bulk messages from the platform.

Ask for permission

Users should take permission from their contacts before adding them in a group, and honour the decision if someone removes themselves from the group. WhatsApp says users must refrain from contacting other users in the list, especially if the other contact asks to stop messaging. Otherwise, it makes a case for account ban.

Communicate with known contacts

WhatsApp says send messages only to those who have contacted you first or have requested you to contact them on WhatsApp.

Do not Violate WhatsApp’s Terms of Services

Refrain from publishing falsehood information and engaging in illegal, defamatory, intimidating, harassing behavior as the reason for an account ban is a violation of WhatsApp’s Terms of Services.

Steps to follow, if your account is banned by mistake

Step 1: Email WhatsApp or tap request a review in the app

Step 2: User need to enter a 6-digit registration code sent via SMS, When requests a review in the app

Step 3: Once done, user can add details to support their case and will be able to submit their request

WhatsApp says it looks into the case and gets back to the user soon after completing the review request.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz