WhatsApp message claiming no cost world-wide-web from government for 3 months is fake, PIB challenges advisory

WhatsApp platform is not new to fake messages and the current one circulating amongst the app customers claims that the government is apparently providing no cost world-wide-web access to men and women. According to the fake message, the government will be providing these services to one hundred million customers for 3 months. Taking note of this message, the Press Information Bureau (PIB) took to Twitter and flagged this message as fraudulent. According to PIB, the government has not made any such announcement. The message also includes a hyperlink that can be utilised maliciously and trick customers for stealing their private information.

Usually when specific hyperlinks are circulated, it is advised that the customers spend no heed to such messages and get in touch with other individuals concerning the scam. The government agency, when clarifying that the government is not involved in this, shared a video exactly where the content of the message was highlighted. To be sure, the fake message began producing rounds on June 1.

In the video, it can be very easily seen that the message is telling customers about the provides which are offered to Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone Idea customers till June 29. The hyperlink incorporated in the message lands on a web site exactly where private information about customers are asked. Therefore, PIB warned customers to not give information on any such sites as it could threat their private information.

Last week, WhatsApp stated that the business has warned men and women concerning a fake message that wrongly indicates the government’s involvement in chat privacy and introduction of new ticks/ colours if the government has study your message. The business additional stated that WhatsApp chats are finish-to-finish encrypted and this indicates that no one can study the private messages getting sent on the platform. No government or third party has access to such messages.

In April also, a fake message circulated about the introduction of WhatsApp Pink that could have permitted attackers to get user information or access to their phones.

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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz