WhatsApp may soon make it easier to organise groups with new ‘Community Home’ feature

In a bid to better organise groups, WhatsApp is developing a new section, “Community home”. Users will be able to list all the related groups in that community page. Although not launched for public still, the feature will appear with the upcoming WhatsApp for Android update for beta version.  Under development for months now, this feature will give users a new way to arrange multiple groups in the platform.

WhatsApp for Android beta version has carried references about the Community Home, finds WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo. A screenshot was used to prove WhatsApp would use Community Home as a section to organise multiple groups. There will also be a feature to edit a particular community from the section.

WhatsApp has not revealed how it would use the Community Home Section. The future, however, is under development and needs further testing before making it available for all users in future. With this feature group admins will get more control over the groups. The feature, however, cannot be used as a standalone space for messages. The page will just make relevant groups co-exist.

WhatsApp added two new localisations through the latest beta update Amharic (an Afro-Asiatic language) and Somali (the official language of Somalia, Somaliland, and Ethiopia). Now the app supports more than 40 languages in total.

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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz