Web3 studio Battlebound announces the launch of Cosmic Cup

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Battlebound, a Web3 studio composed of industry veterans hailing from Riot Games, Ubisoft and NC Soft, is announcing the launch of Cosmic Cup. Cosmic Cup is the newest game mode for Evaverse, the Los Angeles based studio’s first project.

In simple terms, Evaverse is a social platform with different games and activities. Think along the lines of Roblox, and you’ve got an idea. Evaverse is a compete-to-own system built for gamers and NFT enthusiasts to compete, play and socialize in an immersive world.

Cosmic Cup, specifically, is the latest activity. It’s a pet racing style game, featuring characters called Purrtles. They’re a fusion of cats and turtles, loosely inspired by CryptoKitties.

The collectible Purrtles are an NFT collection of 3D companion avatars. Battlebound is offering a free mint of Purrtle Packs, a wearable in-game backpack accessory. The backpack levels up as players play through Evaverse’s different game modes. Once players hit the Purrtle Pack experience cap they unlock a unique Purrtle NFT avatar.

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It’s more likely that Purrtles with rarer traits will be rewards for early completions. Releasing the rarer Purrtles upfront is an incentive for players to level up those Purrtle Packs quickly.

“Battlebound’s vision is to create incredible 10,000-hour games that players will enjoy for decades. We do this by creating fun gameplay combined with enhanced NFT utility,” said Battlebound boss Adam Hensel, in a statement to GamesBeat. “Once a Purrtle Pack evolves to reveal a companion Purrtle NFT, the NFT has the ability to earn stamina by competing in the Cosmic Cup. The stamina empowers the NFT to continue to earn rewards in the form of tickets and badges while players are offline. As these off-chain currencies accrue, players are given a larger $EVA token airdrop allocation when the game token launches in 2023.”

Cosmic Cup Purrtle Packs are limited

Battlebound is distributing a set amount of 10,000 Purrtle Packs to interested players. Half of them are coming in December 2022, while the other half are reserved for future events. Evaverse players who have the Evaverse Genesis NFT will automatically get their own Purrtle Pack NFT.

The other way to get Purrtle Packs are through collaborations with Coinbase Wallet, Magic Eden and Battlebound’s own community events.

Maybe you’re not into the whole NFT thing, though. Maybe you’re the kind of gamer who needs a reason to invest your attention in something. Nobody spends money on gacha rolls if they don’t play the gacha game, right?

If that’s the case, Evaverse is free on Steam. With or without NFTs players can play around with the new Cosmic Cup mode.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz