We put humans first in our efforts toward digital transformation: Sean Narayanan, CEO, Apexon

Digital transformation has been at the centre of business strategy during the last two years. With accelerated transformation journeys come the challenges of creating a synergy between humans who understand the action required and the digital tools that are being put in place. Digital technology services and platform solutions firm Apexon partners with its clients to improve their digital experience and insight. Sean Narayanan, CEO of Apexon, talks to Sudhir Chowdhary on how his company helps clients take human-digital synergy to the next level. Excerpts:

How has Apexon been performing after its rebranding and how has the business grown so far?

Early last year, we realised that it was time to reimagine a powerfully-built digital future. Therefore, we decided to rebrand ourselves with a new focus on improving the digital experience of customers with special emphasis on analytics, AI, and cloud. The pandemic has changed the world, impacting businesses and accelerating the adoption of digital solutions among companies. Apexon has grown at about 18% over the last year and achieved 90% of the growth when clients came with their problems during the pandemic. We are uniquely positioned with strong fundamentals and will continue to see this growth in the coming years.

The pandemic was tough; however, our strong client relationships and our emphasis on solving customer problems helped in accelerating our growth. In the past year, we have increased our employee count by 25%. We now have over 5000 employees, of which 4000 are living and working in India.

What were some of the key digital initiatives taken in the recent past?

We expanded our studio and solution offerings, delivering a clear business impact to our customers. For example, TALKative—our conversational AI platform that delivers real-time context and sentiment analysis, and VizSense—our computer vision analytics platform. We recently acquired Adapty, a US-headquartered company with a strong competency in digital commerce and customer experience capabilities. This acquisition has empowered our customers to integrate digital commerce with better customer experiences. We want to continue to make such acquisitions that will enhance our capability and offerings to our customers.

How does Apexon differentiate itself from the other big analytics players in the industry?

Digital experience and analytics are fast-growing markets. Apexon is joining this market shift with focused transformation efforts aiming to enhance the human experience. We put humans first in our efforts toward digital transformation, emphasising customisation, improved communication, and a higher quality of customer experience. We have made significant advancements in our offerings and our technology building blocks, contributing to clients’ success by being a product partner. We recently helped a large health insurer by transforming its traditional customer support to providing advanced innovation-led services.

What is the way forward for Apexon in 2022?

We aim to continue on our transformation journey and be an innovation-led partner for our customers through digital experience, analytics, and cloud. We will accelerate our growth by expanding to adjacent verticals, technologies, and geographies. We will strive to be a great place to work and attract and retain top talent.

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