Villa on Meta Quest crosses 400,000 user milestone

Interested in learning what’s next for the gaming industry? Join gaming executives to discuss emerging parts of the industry this October at GamesBeat Summit Next. Register today. is officially unveiling Villa, a hugely collaborative metaverse creation platform. Villa is an immersive program which lets professionals, content creators, gamers and organizations work together to rapidly build metaverse environments. It offers up powerful, intuitive tools to help create the world players want.

Villa is steadily gaining numbers, having just passed 400,000 active users. It remains firmly in the 20 Most Popular Apps on the Meta Quest, by offering a user-friendly design and not requiring any coding skill.

The base app is entirely free, offering a user mode called Ghost mode. There’s also a paid tier, letting users subscribe to Superhuman mode for $8 per month. The subscription mode includes multiple unique tools, including easy avatar switching, fashion and more. Villa also offers directional 3D sound and an established multiplayer area. Players can fly, work, race or co-create their own spaces.

Villa offers lots to do, and has more on the way

“Next up are 3D performances, conferences, and other mass immersive multiplayer experiences for enterprise and consumer uses. We already offer the highest number of simultaneous users in low compute standalone VR devices like Meta Quest,” said boss Ofer Baharav, in a statement to GamesBeat. “However, we’re working to expand this so that tens of thousands can participate in the same 3D performance or conference panel simultaneously.”

Villa wants to do it all. The recent pandemic forced a shift in how people work, gather and play. Baharav sees Villa as a place where users can safely gather, whether it be playing together or holding meetings.

“At the same time what’s missing in Zoom meetings or even web ‘Metaverses’ is presence,” said Baharav. “We’re 3D creatures that adapted to a 2D world, but the 3D Metaverse returns us to our 3D roots, with superpowers.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz