Verve group finds new ways to advertise to gamers

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Advertising was, at one point, pretty straightforward. For a time in our history, everyone watched TV. You’d pay some folks to make you an ad. Then you’d pay another group to play that ad on “Must See TV.” Those days, however, are fading fast.

Then came the world of CTV, or connected TV. Now, a large portion of the world watches TV via connected devices like Roku, AppleTV or from a SmartTV. These services, of course, sell ad time, but how do you know you’re reaching your target audience? The Verve group has an answer for that.

Recently, Verve, with gamigo, ran a test for the MMO Trove. Verve added lapsed Trove users to their in-house platform to calculate the most effective places to advertise. With this initiative, Trove on gamigo saw 34% lower CPM and 12-fold higher engagement than on other available channels.

“The blueprint for gaming publishers and advertisers to reach the ever-elusive gaming community is now here,” said Merv Lee Kwai, chief gaming officer of gamigo group. “Even as users continue to game across multiple platforms, it is possible to capture their attention with the right omnichannel offering. We are thrilled to introduce such an impactful innovation to the industry.”

The future for games advertising

Gaming, in every category, continues to grow by leaps and bounds. By coupling gamers with advertisers via CTV, the Verve group believes it has made a significant breakthrough. Many gamers are cord cutters and are therefore hard to reach via classic advertising methods. If the results achieved with the Trove campaign are any indication, they could be right.

“Programs and innovations like this demonstrate why Verve Group is so committed to executing strategic acquisitions and then investing in building the connections among our divisions that will help cross-channel marketers connect with consumers in a meaningful yet privacy-first way,” said Ionut Ciobotaru, co-CEO at Verve Group. “With the rise in cross-play games, this solution presents a scalable way to help buyers tap into these premium, highly sought-after audiences. Gaming companies are vying for their audiences’ attention in the midst of a fragmented and crowded market, and the ability to re-engage users across devices offers an opportunity for them to engage with their users in a timely and relevant manner. This is just the first of many new connections we expect to unlock for clients to help them acquire and retain their audiences across devices.”

For more information on the Verve group and their new advertising platform, check out their website.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz