USC Games plans to debut 50 student-made games at its annual expo

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The University of Southern California (USC) announced that it has over 50 student-made games set to premier at its 6th annual USC Games Expo. As usual, Jam City returns as the event’s sponsor.

Danny Bilson, director of USC Games, said in a statement, “USC Games Expo is a unique opportunity for our students to show their skills in game development, the challenges they’ve faced, and share the results of their hard work with the world. We’re very excited for our Trojan family and our friends at Jam City to join us for another showcase featuring the talented game designers and developers of tomorrow.”

Chris DeWolfe, CEO of Jam City, added, “We are continually wowed by the creativity and innovation that comes out of USC’s game program. It undoubtedly deserves its spot as North America’s No. 1 collegiate program and we are so proud to continue to sponsor and support the USC Games Expo each year. The incredible talent this program hones and produces will undoubtedly usher in the games of the future.”

USC’s highly rated game development program, which is shared between the School of Cinematic Arts and Viterbi School of Engineering, showed off 70 such games at its previous expo. Eight games from USC’s Advanced Games Program (AGP) will get their first hands-on showcase. These games include:

  • Bounty Heart (Mobile iOS/Android): Bounty Heart takes you on a journey through a fantasy world full of quirky characters, renegades, and outlaws. Devise the best strategy to match orbs, recruit allies and defeat enemies to obtain the legendary bounty in Bounty Heart.
  • Charon (PC): Charon is a single player action-adventure game where the player traverses the perilous River Styx as the ferryman of the underworld. They must utilize weapons and maneuverability to survive raging rapids, vengeful spirits, and the goddess Demeter’s onslaught of monsters to bring the lost soul Alexis to her lover in the afterlife.
  • Impasto (PC): Impasto is a dark fantasy adventure inside the macabre imagination of the legendary Spanish painter Francisco Goya. Step inside the world of his paintings and unravel the mystery and the tragedy of the man who painted them directly onto the walls of his home.
  • Skylost (PC): On a rescue mission, brave the mysteries of Spire, a series of beautiful, mysteriously floating islands that few have dared travel to and even fewer have ever returned from. Armed only with your wits, limited supplies, and the items you discover during your journey, traverse the exhilarating verticality of this gravity-defying wilderness. Craft, climb and glide your way past the Spire’s hazardous flora and fauna, reach the top, and find your lost missing love, Amelia before she—like so many before her—is lost forever!
  • Social Moth (PC): Social Moth is a game that explores social anxiety. As Moth, you can explore vibrant environments, get to know your neighbors, and attend a party while coping with your desire to avoid social interactions. Developed with input from subject-matter experts, help the Moth manage his anxiety while making friends with the insects in his neighborhood and keep his thoughts under control to avoid the dreaded Anxiety Monster.
  • Spookulele (PC): When a fabled disaster causes ghosts to spill into the human world, an apathetic reaper and a fearless young girl with magical powers must use their musical abilities to fight ghosts and save the world from an endless night. Spookulele is an action-adventure game where you play a pair of reapers and use musical abilities to fight ghosts.
  • That’s Not How it Happened (PC): Disaster! When the Turner family’s inn burns down, they must recall the events that took place leading up to its fiery end, and ultimately explain HOW IT HAPPENED…That’s Not How It Happened is a rashomon-style beat’em up-point-and-click-dating sim that explores different art styles and game mechanics to show each character’s unique perspective. Follow George, Alan, and Zoey Turner as they try to decide who saved(?) the day!
  • Turtle Town (PC): When the whimsical forest of Brightleaf Hollow is threatened by rogue mechanical animals, it’s up to you, to assemble, and protect a town of forest animals finding refuge on the shell of Tortimer Turtle. In this unique base builder on the move, every building you construct changes the way you explore the forest and every encounter in the forest will change the way you build and protect your city.

The USC Games Expo streams live on May 12.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz