Unity Slices: Table Brings People Together, No Matter The Distance

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Game engine developer Unity is throwing their hat into the VR application ring. Debuting today at Facebook Connect, Unity Slices: Table brings groups together in a common space. This new program attempts to bridge the physical distance between friends and colleagues via the Oculus Quest 2.

Unity Slices: Table turns any real-world, physical surface into a touchscreen via the Quest 2’s inside-out tracking. Table renders participants alongside you, using your real world surroundings as a backdrop to provide a sense of presence and place. With an eye on co-existing in both realms, participants will be able to control the level of interaction they have within the virtual world. This functionality enables a smooth experience with minimal interruption while multi-tasking.

One interesting facet of this announcement is the use of the Oculus Quest 2 as an AR (Augmented Reality) experience instead of traditional VR. VR focuses on creating an entire virtual world while AR enhances the world around us. Earlier this year, Oculus announced their new API which focuses on passthrough technology, enabling more robust AR development.

Due out in 2022, Unity Slices: Table will be available to everyone via the Oculus App Lab. Finally, we can answer the age-old question – after landing on Boardwalk with a hotel, can you flip a virtual table?

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz