UnCaged Studios closes successful funding round

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UnCaged Studios, developers of MonkeyLeague, announced it has successfully closed a Series A round of funding. With the help of Griffin Gaming Partners, Vgames, and several others, the studios raised $24 million in capital. Raising money in the current market can be a challenge, but it was a challenge for which UnCaged was ready.

“Raising a major round in this market environment definitely became harder, and our success a clear testament to the skill and execution of our team,” said Raz Friedman, CPO of UnCaged, in a press release. “We will use this funding well to bring about the next wave of adoption from game developers and users.”

Funds raised in this round will go towards further development of MonkeyLeague and Game OS. MonkeyLeague is a Web3 based e-sports game that leverages NFT resources to give players ownership of their team. UnCaged’s other property, Game OS, is an end-to-end platform to help Web3 and Web2 development houses get into crypto.

“Griffin Gaming Partners is excited to back UnCaged, which has assembled one of the most capable teams in the industry,” said Nick Tuosto, Managing Director of Griffin Gaming Partners and LionTree. “We believe new models of digital property ownership in Gaming have the potential to support lasting player engagement and balanced digital economies, but that it will take incredibly talented and experienced teams to unlock the potential of blockchain games.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz