Twitter rolls out new clutter-no cost design and style, introduces proprietary Chirp font

Social media giant Twitter has introduced numerous modifications to its phone app and web page to give it a clutter-no cost look and make it easier to use. Twitter aims to make the platform more “accessible, unique, and focussed” for its customers with the design and style modifications.

Twitter has introduced a new font known as Chirp. Initially introduced in January, the font family mixes European Grotesque and American Gothic types. It also integrates some handmade quirks from early woodcut specimens.

The corporation is rolling out the Chirp font for all Web, Android, and iOS customers. Twitter earlier utilised fonts such as SF Pro, Helvetica Neue, and Roboto. Chirp is the company’s initial proprietary typeface and it hopes the font will be sharp and legible, but also bring character and distinctiveness. The font was created with Switzerland’s Grilli Type Foundry.

The San Francisco-based corporation announced the modifications on its Twitter Design official account.

Twitter has also updated the interface colours to offer you more contrast and make it significantly less blue. The social media giant hopes the adjust will draw more interest to the photographs and videos that are shared on the platform. Twitter has stated that it plans to offer you new palette alternatives, and will shortly introduce new colour alternatives.

Additionally, Twitter is introducing new higher-contrast buttons for “most important actions”. The ‘Follow’ button has been changed as properly — now black in colour — to assistance customers see the actions taken at a glance. The grey background has also been decreased, whilst some unnecessary divider lines have been removed. Twitter has also improved the space in between texts for uncomplicated reading.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz