Twitter introduces label to identify ‘good bots’ on the platform: All you need to know

Twitter: Microblogging site Twitter has a lot of automated accounts, and now, the platform has introduced a measure for good bots to self-identify themselves. Basically, a new label is being added, and automated accounts can add this label to their profile to identify themselves as good bots. This would help users in differentiating between profiles that are run by humans and those that are automated. The feature was rolled out by Twitter on Thursday.

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Now, all bot accounts would have the feature of adding this new label, which will also give Twitter users extra information about the automated account so that they can decide whether the account is trustworthy and if they wish to engage with and/or follow it, the company said in a statement.

In the statement, Twitter added that the move has been taken after research found that people expressed their need to get more context about the accounts that they interact with. Now, with this, good bots, which Twitter uses to describe automated accounts that share helpful and relevant information and have an intention of genuinely improving user experience on Twitter, would be able to add this label to their profiles so that their legitimacy, trustworthiness and transparency can increase among the audience.

Twitter added that with people increasingly looking for ways to cleanse their timelines now, good bots on the platform can help with it, as they can provide entertaining, relevant and useful information daily. Giving examples, Twitter said that there were bots that provided COVID-19 updates and leads for resources, notified people about traffic situations, and even helped them find internships.

It is unclear whether this label would be made available only to bots that Twitter classifies as good bots. TheSpuzz Online’s query to Twitter in this regard is unanswered at the time of publication, but this space will be updated as soon as we get a response.

However, based on the current understanding of the purpose of this label, it would make sense to only make this label available to accounts that are working towards providing useful information.

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