Twitter gave away 140 Special Non-Fungible Tokens for free of charge for some purpose

Days immediately after CEO Jack Dorsey auctioned his very first tweet off as a specific Non-Fungible Token for a hefty quantity, Twitter has offered away as several as 140 NFTs for free of charge for some curious purpose. The microblogging site did not host any auction and merely chose to give away the NFTs via the ‘Rarible’ platform. All that an individual necessary to do was to reply to a set of tweets and be fortunate sufficient to get a response from the Twitter group.

Twitter lately changed its bio from “what’s happening” to “dropped NFTs all day”. Although the original bio has been retained, its cover image provides a glimpse of NFTs that have been offered away. Twitter wrote: “140 free NFTs for 140 of you, besties” when disclosing seven NFTs it was going to give away. The quantity holds significance considering that it refers to the 140 characters that the social media platform supplied initially.

The very first of the seven NFTs was “The man behind the mansplaining,” when the second and third have been “Vitamin T: Take Daily for a good time” and “Furry Twitter- Like but don’t touch. While the fourth one was “twttr jggl”, the fifth one took you back to 2006, the year Twitter began.” Building Characters” was the sixth one and the seventh one featured Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s very first tweet.


Twenty editions of every single of these NFTs have been offered, taking the total to 140.

But that was not all of it, zoon customers began speaking about the giveaways with the most sarcastic tweets and Twitter had equally witty retorts.

In March 2021 Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had auctioned his very first tweet as an NFT for $2.9 million on Valuables. The purchaser, Hakan Estavi – chief executive at Bridge Oracle – stated the tweet was as important as fine art, like the Mona Lisa.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz