Twitter feature update brings closed caption toggle to all users on Android, iPhone: Check details

Twitter is introducing a slew of new features for its users to make the platform more interactive and user-friendly. One of these is the ability to switch closed captions on and off. The feature is being rolled out to all users, on Android or iOS simultaneously. To activate the feature, users will see a CC button that appears in the top-right corner of a video. Tap the button to turn the captions on or off.

The auto-generated video caption feature was first introduced in December to make videos accessible for deaf and hard-of-hearing users. Twitter’s auto-captions are currently available in over 30 languages including English, Hindi, Thai, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, and more. Twitter started testing the closed caption toggle feature in April.

In response to the growing number of people using Twitter’s Spaces feature, the company is testing two new experiments on iOS. One of these will allow users to start a new Space from the tweet composer. Users need to tap on the Spaces icon in the tweet composer to start a new space. The other will let users start a Space from the retweet menu. When a user launches a Space from the menu, it will automatically go live and follow the user’s tweet and will get pinned at the top of the Space.

Twitter also announced that it’s testing a new feature that will allow users to share their tweets in a Space through the retweet menu.

Twitter is also venturing into long-form content with “Notes”. The feature is currently in testing. With “Notes” writers will be able to create and publish long-form content. A small group of writers is currently testing the feature in the US, Canada, Ghana, and the UK. This longer piece can then be embedded into a tweet later on to publish.

A new feature known as ‘Search subscribes’ is reportedly in development that will allow users to receive push notifications when new tweets related to a search query are published.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz