Twitter cut 15 percent of its trust and safety staff but says it won’t impact moderation

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Daily volume of “moderation actions taken” has “stayed steady,” Roth said, though only supported that assertion with a vague chart showing the volume of tweets “reviewed and actioned, daily.” Musk made a content moderation assertion of his own Friday evening, claiming that “we have actually seen hateful speech at times this week decline *below* our prior norms.”

However, Twitter has had to “deprioritize a few workflows” like helping with lost password requests and “some” suspension appeals, according to Roth. Twitter is “working to get these back online in the days to come.”

Moderation on Twitter has been a concern in the leadup to next week’s US midterm elections, but election integrity remains a “top priority,” Roth said. Musk, who said last week that Twitter will implement a “content moderation council,” also underscored Twitter’s focus on moderation: “again, to be crystal clear, Twitter’s strong commitment to content moderation remains absolutely unchanged,” he tweeted on Friday.

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