Twitter Blue in India: Here is what changes for those with Blue ticks

Twitter Blue has been finally launched in India. Users will have the option of subscribing to Twitter Blue’s app or web service. The company has offered different pricing for the web and mobile version. While iOS and Android users can subscribe to the service for Rs 900 per month, those using it on web can subscribe it for Rs 650 per month. Those buying the subscription for web can pay an amount of Rs 6,800 for a year.

What is Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is an opt-in, paid subscription that adds a blue checkmark to a user’s account and offers early access to select features, like editing a Tweet. In addition to the blue checkmark, Twitter Blue features offer subscribers a way to enhance and customise their Twitter experience. These powerful controls are designed to help personalize Twitter, said Twitter’s official website.

Twitter Blue in India

Twitter Blue has been launched in India as a part of Twitter’s roll-out happening worldwide. Twitter’s blog said, “newly created Twitter accounts will not be able to subscribe to Twitter Blue for 90 days. Twitter may also impose waiting periods for new accounts at its own discretion, and without notice”.

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What is the difference between the legacy blue checkmark and a checkmark obtained through a Twitter Blue subscription?

Until now, Twitter used the blue checkmark to indicate active, notable, and authentic accounts of public interest that Twitter had independently verified based on certain requirements.

Now, the blue checkmark may mean two different things: either that an account was verified under the previous verification criteria (active, notable, and authentic), or that the account has an active subscription to Twitter Blue. Accounts that receive the blue checkmark as part of a Twitter Blue subscription will not undergo review to confirm that they meet the active, notable and authentic criteria that was used in the previous process.

Here is what Twitter Blue users will get

Edit Tweet: The users will get a 30-minute window to make a limited number of changes to published Tweets. Edit Tweet currently only applies to original Tweets and quote tweets.

Custom app icons: With custom app icons, users can change how Twitter App icon displays on their phone. Users will have the facility to choose from several colorful options.

Top Articles: Top articles is a shortcut to the most-shared articles in a user’s network. This feature automatically lists the most-shared articles from people a user follows—and people they follow, too—so users can easily find the type of content they want to read.

Reader: This feature turns long threads into a more beautiful reading experience.

Undo Tweet: Undo tweet gives users the option to retract a Tweet after they have sent it, but before it’s visible to others on Twitter.

Longer Video uploads: Allows Twitter Blue users to upload videos up to approximately 60 minutes and 2GB file size (1080p). So far, this feature is available for web only.

Longer Tweets: The feature allows users to Tweet more than 280 characters. Extends the limit to 4,000 characters.

However, Twitter has also introduced some requirements to the usage of Twitter Blue. Only Twitter accounts created more than 90 days ago can sign up for Twitter Blue. All Twitter Blue subscribers will be required to confirm their phone number as part of sign up. Once subscribed to Twitter Blue, changes to your profile photo, display name, or username (@handle) will result in the loss of the blue checkmark until the account is validated as continuing to meet our requirements, and no further changes will be allowed during this review period, according the official website of Twitter.

Read more about Twitter Blue on Twitter’s Blog

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