Tricentis acquires Testim to extend software test automation in the enterprise

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Tricentis, a software test automation company used by companies such as Merck, ANZ, and Dell, has acquired AI-enabled rival Testim. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The acquisition comes as the global test automation market hit an estimated $20.7 billion in 2021, a figure that’s predicted to more than double within five years. This growth is being driven by the simple fact that just about every company today is a software company, while at the same time pressure to ship new features and products more quickly increases the likelihood of bugs entering the production codebase.

One of Tricentis’s flagship products is Tosca, which brings autonomous continuous testing to developer teams, saving valuable manual resources in the process. Tosca helps DevOps teams design end-to-end software tests across the entire enterprise architecture, including GUIs, APIs, and even ensuring data integrity.

AI meets SaaS

Testim, for its part, is a similar proposition, though it lays claims to being “the first test automation solution to use AI,” a foundation that was seemingly instrumental in Tricentis’s decision to go all in and buy Testim outright. And although Tricentis offers some services under a SaaS model, Testim was created as a SaaS from the get-go, making it easier for companies to adopt “cloud-based testing capabilities with flexible consumption models,” according to a statement.

Elsewhere, Testim also recently launched a test automation product specifically for the Salesforce ecosystem, opening the doors to the some 150,000 companies that use the CRM.

Testim boasts an impressive array of customers which will no doubt appeal to Tricentis too — after launching its Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) enterprise security service back in 2016, Microsoft sought ways to deploy functional, end-to-end test automation on the software to conserve resources across their engineering, QA, and product management teams. They opted for Testim.

While Tricentis and Testim do overlap somewhat, by coming together they are essentially looking to pool their respective strengths.

“We plan to leverage the best technology across our portfolios and integrate our offerings to build world-class solutions for software quality assurance,” Testim founder and CEO Oren Rubin wrote in a blog post.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz