Transcend: Cookie consent banners hurt rankings

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Three quarters of technologies executives agree that cookie consent banners negatively effect their website’s user practical experience and want to get rid of them, but not at the price of consumer trust, according to a new study by privacy engineering enterprise Transcend. The study asked technologies executives about the existing state of consent tools.

Image Credit: Transcend

Many organizations are accustomed to tracking buyers to provide customized experiences. With contemporary privacy laws, like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, organizations are now essential to notify buyers by way of a consent banner or pop-up ahead of they can commence tracking. Pulse surveyed one hundred worldwide technical leaders on how they handle user tracking and consent preferences on their company’s web-sites.

In the survey, leaders acknowledge they face a strained balancing act in between consumer trust and their customers’ on-line practical experience. Cookie consent banners usually negatively effect their site’s user practical experience and, if there had been no legal or unfavorable brand implications to face, leaders would take away them from their web-sites.

Shockingly, this report located that the vast majority (79%) of organizations admit that their user information tracking across the company’s web-sites and channels is not totally compliant. An even higher majority (90%) had been not in a position to confirm that they had been conscious of all sorts of tracking technologies operating on their company’s web site. Modern day trackers go beyond cookies and third-party scripts – tracking elements can live in anything from internet beacons to pixels, fonts to stylesheet loads.

Pulse surveyed one hundred Directors, VPs and C-suite executives from worldwide organizations ranging from 200 to 10,000+ personnel in Q2 2021.

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