TLM Partners acquires Team Coreupt, announces new game

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TLM Partners today announced it has acquired the upcoming next-gen fighting game Coreupt, as well as its developer, Team Coreupt. The company will help bring the game to next-gen consoles and PC with its crossplay intact.

Coreupt creator Jesse Wright said in a statement, “Working alongside TLM Partners ensures that Coreupt will be able to live up to the full vision I’ve been working towards since 2010. Jake and everyone at TLM not only have a ton of experience with all aspects of game development, but they are also awesome collaborators. Coreupt is going to be a much stronger experience with their support.”

TLM CEO Jake Hawley added, “Jesse has laid the groundwork for something truly fantastic with Coreupt. There is a reason fighting fans have responded so strongly to the content the team has shared so far. We couldn’t be more thrilled to work with him and are excited to have Coreupt under the constantly evolving and growing TLM publishing banner.”

In addition to the acquisition, TLM Partners also announced a new game that’s joining its roster alongside Coreupt. Titled Hypernova for the time being, it’s being developed by former Bungie and Take-Two dev Drew Smith.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz