Titan Smart: A smart buy for the health-conscious lot

Your smartwatch or fitness tracker lets you know how many steps you have taken, how much sleep you got, and what your peak heart rate was during that morning workout. India’s largest watchmaker, Titan, aspires to empower the users with much more; it promises to bring in a fitness revolution of sorts with its latest smartwatch—Titan Smart. Backed by a host of advanced features and available in three stylish variants, Titan Smart is designed to help customers improve their overall wellbeing and to provide them with a great user experience. With an introductory price of Rs 8,995, this wearable offers exciting features such as a full touch immersive crystal display, Alexa built-in, up to 14 day battery life (under standard conditions), multi-sports modes and over 100 watch faces.

Trust me, there’s a lot to like about Titan’s newest smartwatch. Titan Smart is available in three colour (strap colour) variants—Onyx Black, Charcoal Blue and Chestnut Pink. This smart watch connects to the Titan Smart World app which provides a good user experience and is compatible with Android Version 6.0 and above; iOS version 12.1 and above. The app helps users to keep track of all the activities in one place.

Switched on and synced with my Android phone, I was bowled over by the Titan Smart’s fantastic screen and a wide array of health features. The watch comes with trackers such as blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), VO2 Max, heart rate monitor (HRM), period tracker, sleep tracker and stress monitor. In addition to these, the wrist-wear also comes with notification alerts, music control, camera control, weather alert and hydration alert.

I really liked the health features, and Titan has made big strides in accuracy with its latest wearable. The stress tracking felt immediate and useful. Likewise, the sleep tracking was pretty accurate and informative. Other features such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen measurement worked fine.

Overall, if you’re looking for a sturdy and durable fitness-focused smartwatch, you won’t be disappointed. Highly recommended.

Estimated street price: Rs 8,995

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