Tilt Five announces holographic version of Catan for AR system

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Tilt Five today announced a new title for its AR game system: Catan. Users can play the tabletop title in holographic form on Tilt Five’s board. Tilt Five launches the game in spring 2023.

The company is partnering with CATAN GmbH, CATAN Studio, Twin Sails Interactive and Blazing Griffin on the new game. The Tilt Five AR system includes proprietary glasses, a retroflective gameboard and a wand controller. Players wearing the goggles will see the game in holographic form. Those who use the board will also be able to play remotely with others.

Jeri Ellsworth, Tilt Five CEO, said in a comment, “Tilt Five was founded by gamers. Our passion has been to bring the next evolution of gaming technology to fans of digital and physical games around the world. The magic of Tilt Five’s technology is that it allows virtual worlds to co-exist alongside our physical one, with a solution that is comfortable, affordable, and easy to use.”

Arnd Beenen, COO of CATAN GmbH, added, “We are always looking for new and unique ways to expand the world of CATAN and engage our dedicated community. We’re excited that the Tilt Five system allows players an increased level of immersion where they can explore the rich environments and stories that CATAN is known for.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz