Three Silent Hill games announced as Konami revives dormant series

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Konami officially revealed three new game in the Silent Hill series in a special event today: Silent Hill: Ascension, Silent Hill: Townfall and Silent Hill: F. This is in addition to the remake of Silent Hill 2 it also announced, as well as a new movie. We don’t yet know the release dates of any of the games (except Ascension) but they appear to be launching on PlayStation consoles.

The first game Konami showed was Silent Hill: Townfall. Developed by No Code and Annapurna Interactive, we saw no actual gameplay in the trailer. Instead, it shows a handheld radio tuning into different frequencies. The trailer flashes brief glimpses of images, no doubt to stir the hunger of longtime fans. A voice describes being “in this place and being judged by these … people.” The only image I was able to discern appeared to be the hallway from Silent Hills’ playable teaser.

The second trailer was for Ascension. It shows several people texting each other, wanting to save a specific person, as well as a large enemy wielding a melee weapon. Several teams are working on it, including Behaviour Interactive, Genvid and Bad Robot Games. According to the developers, it’ll be a story-driven game that “blend community, live storytelling and activity.” Players are allowed to make decisions that cannot be undone. It’s got a tentative launch window of 2023.

The final game revealed at the end of the trailer was the mysterious Silent Hill F. The cinematic trailer shows a young girl exploring an empty a Japanese town, escaping some kind of red tentacles. It later shows some kind of other realm where a crying girl (perhaps the same one) in a flower crown looks at the camera as her face peels off. Neobards Entertainment is developing the title.

Konami also revealed a new Silent Hill movie and new merchandise. After several years of little apparent interest, the company is investing heavily in the franchise’s revival.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz