Threads gets retweets — sorry, reposts — in the reverse-chronological feed

Threads is adding reposts (aka retweets) to its reverse-chronological “Following” feed, Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced in a Threads post on Thursday. It’s a small but nice addition to the app that makes the Following feed a bit more useful, and while Mosseri said Meta added it “based on your feedback,” the Following feed does still have its flaws.

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That’s not the only repost-related update from Meta. It’s also rolling out a reposts tab on your profile so that you and others can more easily find the threads that you’ve reposted. I don’t appear to have either update yet on iOS, but I do have the repost tab when I view my profile on the web. (I think I need to repost more.)

Threads’ repost tab when viewing my profile on the web.Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge

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