This piece of cloth from Apple costs nearly Rs 2,000. Wait, what?

Every time we bring home a new electronic device, especially in India, the finicky ones especially scour the house for that perfect piece of cloth that can be used to keep the new toy squeaky clean and looking brand new.

Well, worry no more. Because Apple has introduced a $19-cloth (Rs 1,900 in India) that can do just that.

During Monday’s Apple Unleashed event, during which the Cupertino-based company introduced the new MacBook Pro, M1 Pro, Max chips, and the third-generation AirPods, it also silently added the cloth, made of unspecified non-abrasive materials, on its online store that can be purchased separately.

Apart from the embossed Apple logo, it is still unclear how the cloth is different from a typical microfibre cloth that sells for a fraction of the price at local markets. Apple has put out a detailed product page with compatible devices for the same. Silver lining is that the cloth may cost almost Rs 2,000 but you can use it to wipe all Apple devices ranging from iPhones to the new Mac Pro display. The company says the cloth can safely clean the screen on any Apple product.

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The $3-trillion company, the highest by market cap in the world, was the first company to remove the headphone socket giving wireless AirPods a big boost in the process. This is also the same company that sells a pack of four-wheels for the Mac Pro for those in the habit of frequently shifting work stations. The optional four-wheel pack will set one back by a whopping Rs 69,900. The polishing cloth just adds to the list of things you buy if you’re a long-term fan, maybe? For everyone else, well, it may be something to chuckle at.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz