This bot is tweeting pay disparity data at companies posting about International Women’s Day

As just about every large company turns to Twitter to shout out its female workers during International Women’s Day (IWD), the clever Gender Pay Gap Bot is quote tweeting their posts with data about the pay disparity between men and women at each organization.

The bot’s data is limited only to organizations in the UK, as companies that employ 250 or more people are required to report data about their gender pay gap by law — any companies that fail to publish this information could face court orders and fines. All that data gets posted on the UK government’s gender pay gap database, where you’re free to search for companies and find out how much lower women get paid when compared to men (or vice versa).

The Gender Pay Gap Bot is exposing just how wide pay gaps are (if any at all). And yes, the bot’s data is accurate. (I double-checked several of its tweets, and it all matches up with the information on the UK’s website.) It looks like some companies aren’t too keen on facing the reality of things, however, as the bot already led a number of organizations to delete their original tweets.

If you have some free time — and even if you aren’t based in the UK — take a scroll through the Gender Pay Gap Bot’s timeline today. It’s posting a new roast every couple of minutes.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz