Thirdwave is helping blockchain games find customers

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The folks behind Thirdwave see an issue, and it’s kind of a big one. There’s a lack of data and feedback for Web3 makers to look at. It’s pretty difficult for someone looking to make, say, a new blockchain game, to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Thirdwave is a blockchain discovery engine looking to remedy the problem. At least a little bit. Thirdwave wants to provide business data and other insights so gaming teams can find, understand and retain customers.

It’s a platform that provides Web3 companies, projects, decentralized autonomous organizations and protocols with this information. It’s a little bit community focused, and a little bit social media focused. And it mixes those aspects with on-the-blockchain data, to try and give users an in-depth view of customer activities.

“Today’s Web3 developers don’t have access to meaningful customer data insights, which in turn creates major inefficiencies in the building process,” said Framework Ventures boss Michael Anderson, in a statement to GamesBeat. “With their past experience building and scaling data discovery engines for consumer giants like Facebook, we think Thirdwave is positioned to give Web3 projects, especially in the gamefi space, the ability to truly understand their users.”

Pioneers of the Web2 era are working on Thirdwave. When the Internet shifted from only designing with desktops in mind towards mobile devices, it happened at the hands of the people behind Thirdwave. 

For example, the people who built and ran much of Facebook’s gaming and mobile strategy are in on Thirdwave.

It’s got funding from some big Web3 players, and a plan

Thirdwave raised over $7 million in funding from its first seed round, led by Framework Ventures. Animoca Brands, Play Ventures, Shima Capital, Hustle Fund and Oceans Ventures also contributed to the pot.

The money is going right into the engine. The developers are aiming to improve on scaling and data features to better deliver insights to customers. Thirdwave is also giving access to more sophisticated on-chain analytics, deep community and data web integrations, benchmarking tools, and project specific dashboards.

The data is already out there, it’s just, y’know, decentralized. Thirdwave is just trying to bring a little order to the chaos.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz