The second-gen AirPods Pro are $50 off at Verizon

The second generation of AirPods Pro look nearly identical to the original model, but Apple made some significant changes to their performance and handling. They may not be the current noise cancellation champs, but the ANC is much improved over the previous model. Also, the outright sound quality is better thanks to a redesigned amplifier and driver that’s borrowed from the third-gen AirPods (though it sounds better here than in those cheaper buds).

Lastly, there are some nice quality-of-life improvements if you’re considering upgrading — like new volume gesture controls that allow you to slide a finger up or down the stem of the buds for easy adjustments, and a speaker built into the case. No, that tiny speaker doesn’t turn the case into a portable boombox (which would probably sound terrible anyway) but it does play a small chirp from the Find My app in the event you’ve misplaced them.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz