The RetroBeat: Genesis on Nintendo Switch Online is not that thrilling

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Normally, I’d be super excited to see retro games from a method (specifically a non-Nintendo one) coming to Switch. But there is one thing odd, or at the really least redundant, about seeing Genesis games coming to Nintendo Switch Online.

Right now, you can acquire the Sega Genesis Classics collection on Switch for $15. This is a superb compilation. It incorporates more than 50 games, which includes most of the heavy-hitters you anticipate, like Phantasy Star IV, Gunstar Heroes, Streets of Rage 2, and Shinobi III. Whenever men and women asked me about Genesis games on Switch, I normally stated that they currently are on there. You just have to acquire this collection.

And even some of the large Genesis hits that are not on this compilation, which includes Castlevania Bloodlines and Contra Hard Corps, are readily available on the Switch by means of other collections. And, yeah, Genesis Classics does not include things like Sonic the Hedgehog 3 or Sonic &amp Knuckles, but these are coming in 2022 by means of Sonic Origins.

Granted, even although Nintendo has only revealed 14 games for Genesis on NSO so far, we are receiving a couple of that are not currently readily available on the console. This incorporates Ecco the Dolphin and Strider, which I’m in fact shocked weren’t on the Sega Genesis Classics collection. We’re also receiving the vertical shooter Musha, one thing I’ve by no means played prior to.


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Still some prospective

There are also some games that I’d adore to have on Switch that are not coming in that initial NSO batch or are not currently readily available in yet another compilation. This incorporates Rocket Knight Adventure, Konami’s excelled mascot action-platformer. Since Konami is currently letting Nintendo place its Genesis Contra and Castlevania games on NSO, I’m hopeful that Rocket Knight is not far behind.

I’m also hoping against typical sense that we get the superb Genesis Disney games on NSO. It’s not as crazy as it appears, as Mickey Mouse’s Castle of Illusion and World of Illusion are on the Sega Genesis Mini. Aladdin is currently playable on Switch by means of yet another current compilation. If you truly want to make me pleased, even so, give me QuackShot Starring Donlad Duck on NSO.

But I’d be even more excited if we have been seeing other Sega systems coming to Switch. Look, I get it. Genesis is normally the safest bet. But give me some Sega Master games. Let’s ultimately give these superb Saturn titles a new life. Let’s capitalize on that Dreamcast nostalgia.

Maybe these consoles will come down the road. Of course, who knows how significantly added Nintendo will charge us for them.

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