The new Saints Row looks plenty Saints Row-y in the latest showcase

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Deep Silver and Volition today revealed new details about the upcoming Saints Row title. Specifically, it showed off all of the customization options. As you might expect, they’re off-the-wall — in fact, it makes the game look much more like Saints Row than some of the previous trailers have done.

If you’re anything like me, you might have felt a bit put off by the trailer for the upcoming Saints Row. Dispensing with the series’ recognizable characters and settings, it didn’t seem … “Saints Row” enough. You know, a wacky, unapologetic, satirical take on gaming and the world.

And while the game will still have to do its fair share to win over the doubters, I can promise at the very least that it hasn’t not lost the wackiness, if today’s showcase is any indication. Trust me, I would tell you if it had.

The Saints return, and they brought options

The customization showcase focused primarily on character features, weapons, and vehicles. According to the developers, they’re adding new options to what was already a pretty customization-heavy game. As in previous entries, you can tweak almost everything about your Boss character, down to their voice. The new game adds prosthetics and asymmetrical options. They also have eight voice options and a bunch of emotes.

Vehicle and weapon customization returns, giving even more granular control over how everything looks and feels. I can’t see myself feeling that fussy about it when I play, but I see what the devs are going for. This is an advantage Saints Row had over its competition — meaning Grand Theft Auto — for much of its life: customization and the ability to have everything look the way you wanted it to.

The most interesting new concept is the ability to customize your base of operations. You can decorate and customize the main church HQ with various items. One non-customization option shown is the war map that lets the Saints access criminal ventures across Santo Ileso.

I can’t vouch for the games being a note-perfect follow-up to the series. All of this customization is just skin-deep, after all. But some of the gameplay shown does have a familiar feel, and it looks fun. And the developers added that it will offer the chance for players to try the customization tools before the game releases on August 23.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz