The Meross Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini is one of the first Matter devices you can buy

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While Matter has officially launched, you still can’t buy a Matter-compatible device to use with the new smart home standard. Today, smart home device maker Meross announced its Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini, its first Matter-enabled smart plug. You can preorder it now for its release on December 31st.

This might be the very first device you can buy with the Matter logo on it, indicating that it’s ready to go with Matter out of the box. While some companies have announced updates to existing products — including Eve and Wiz, who have said they will roll out firmware upgrades this year to their existing products — most have said devices with Matter built-in won’t be available to buy until next year.

The Meross Matter Mini smart plug is one of the first devices we’ve seen with the Matter logo on it.
Image: Meross

The Meross Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini (MSS115) costs $49.99 for two, but the company is offering 50 percent off preorders through its website. A Wi-Fi smart plug that works exclusively with Matter, according to the Meross product page the plug will be set up using a Matter QR code and by pairing it with a Matter controller.

Currently, only Apple and Samsung SmartThings have support for the new standard in their apps and hubs, so you will need to use the Apple Home app and a HomePod Mini or Apple TV, or a SmartThings hub and SmartThings app, to use the device until more platforms add support for Matter.

While Meross has committed to supporting Matter in future products, it has confirmed that its existing products will not be upgraded. Its range of smart devices — which include smart plugs, switches, lights, and smart door controllers — already works with all the major ecosystems. One of the key features of Matter is multi-admin control, the ability to control your devices with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home, and Samsung SmartThings simultaneously. This is already possible with the majority of Meross devices.

Going forward, though, buying Matter devices should help future-proof your smart home. Matter is an open-source standard, so compatible devices can work in any Matter-compatible platform, not just with the big four.

Updated Thursday, November 17th, 10 AM: Added that Meross’ existing products will not be upgraded to support Matter.

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