The Mario film casting news almost brought on me to pass out

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Nintendo just completed a strong Direct video occasion. It announced a new 3D Kirby game, the Castlevania Advance Collection, and Bayonetta 3’s release timing. But all I can consider about is the Mario film, which has broken me.

Near the finish of the livestream, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage to talk about the film that Nintendo is making with Minions studio Illumination. Miyamoto confirmed the film will hit theaters Holiday 2022. And I am fine with that. I like to see crowd-pleasing family films about Christmas. But what I’m getting difficulty processing is what Miyamoto announced next — which is that Chris Pratt is performing the voice of Mario for the image.

Image Credit: Nintendo

This liquified my brain. I could no longer sit up in my chair. I doubled more than in laughter, my vision went blurry, and I had to take my headphones off to hold from passing out. Not in a million years, with a million comedians, could a human becoming come up with a more best joke than casting Chris Pratt as Super Mario.

And however, somehow, this is the reality we live in.


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The rest of the cast is not that substantially significantly less bizarre.

This is all I’m going to consider about for days. And the casting news has currently dominated social media platforms like Twitter.

Here is a preview of Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong.

And Charlie Day is perhaps best for Luigi.

Of course, when you consider about it, Chris Pratt tends to make sense for Mario simply because they each deeply like and respect provide-side economics.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m gonna go stroll into the ocean.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz