The iPad Air with M1 drops to a new low price of $519 at Amazon

This iPad Air deal is the lowest price we’ve seen on the mid-range iPad. One of the standout features you get with this generation of Air is its M1 processor, borrowing the brains of the much pricier iPad Pros. This CPU gives enough speedy headroom that you can feel confident the 2022 iPad Air will last years to come without feeling super slow after multiple OS updates. The iPad Air is also the most colorful option in Apple’s lineup, so it’s nice that you have your pick of all five colors for today’s special deal.

While the 10.9-inch display of the iPad Air is nearly the same size as the 11-inch iPad Pro, there are some things you’re giving up by not opting for the pricier Pro. The iPad Air uses TouchID via a side-mounted fingerprint sensor built into the power button, while the Pros get the convenience of FaceID. The Air also starts with 64GB of storage to the Pro’s 128GB, but if you don’t often find yourself requiring lots of local storage on your devices the iPad Air should treat you very well — especially for this nicer price.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz