The British Fashion Council launches new award category for Roblox designs

As part of its annual fashion awards, the British Fashion Council is adding a new category for 2021: an award for “metaverse design.” As broad as that might sound, the award was actually created in partnership with Roblox, and as such, the shortlist is limited to five Roblox creators. The winner, cSapphire, operates an in-app clothing boutique.

In keeping with the virtual nature of 2021, the award will be presented by an avatar of Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele (pictured above) inside a Roblox experience. Players will also be able to explore a virtual recreation of Royal Albert Hall to watch the awards. “This unique metaverse space BFC has created in collaboration with Roblox represents the future of fashion, and it’s been so fun to be a part of such an innovative experience,” model Karlie Kloss, who served as one of the judges, said in a statement.

While it’s something of a publicity stunt, the virtual event is part of an ongoing fusion of games and fashion. Gucci previously created a surreal fashion experience inside Roblox, along with some virtual sneakers, and has partnered with esports organization 100 Thieves. Meanwhile, the likes of Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Longchamp have all created in-game outfits for games like Fortnite and League of Legends.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz