Telegram premium subscription service to debut with new tagline, suggests new leak

A new subscription plan for users of the private messaging app, Telegram, is expected to arrive soon, which would give them the ability to unlock exclusive reaction emojis and premium stickers. Right now, the app’s users are seeing the tagline, which says, Telegram will be free forever-‘No ads. No fees”.

However, according to a recent update, the company might be testing a new revenue-generating feature. In addition to dropping the free slogan, the new version of the app also shows a different tagline. This suggests that the company might be testing a new way to make money from the app.

The update was first shared by developer Alessandro Paluzzi, on Twitter,i,e the company is dropping the free tagline and is testing a new subscription model that would allow users to pay for the app. The new data strings he shared also suggest that the company is planning on showing ads. The new premium subscription plan is expected to include the ability to unlock more stickers. The new tagline that is being prepared is “Telegram provides free unlimited cloud storage for chats and media.”

The new tagline is still not active on the messaging app yet and will probably only be activated once the premium subscription is officially announced.

In addition to the new tagline, the app’s users are also seeing the new reaction emojis and stickers in the 8.7.2 beta for iOS. These new features are only available to users of the premium version of the app, which is known as the Telegram Premium. All users are being asked to sign up for the service before they can see these new features. The company has not provided any information about the pricing of the subscription plan or the exact availability of the service.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz