Tech Bytes: Productivity gets a boost with Java 18

Java 18 is here. Oracle has announced the availability of the latest version of the hugely popular programming language and development platform. Company officials said Java 18 (Oracle JDK 18) delivers thousands of performance, stability, and security improvements, including nine enhancements to the platform that will improve developer productivity. According to Prasad Subramanian, senior director of engineering, OCI Product Development, Java 18 is delivering a rich pipeline of new features, maintaining a ‘Java Feel’ while addressing all new challenges. He said, “Oracle has been the leading author and contributor of Java technology. In fact, we have been the leading sponsor and steward of the Java ecosystem.”

Saravanan P, cloud engineering leader – Oracle, added: “In India, customers are using Java very widely in developing their applications. It is the most commonly used programming language. Be it for micro services or cloud native applications, customers and even ISVs in India use Java. Large enterprises are seeing value from Java and even from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). A large part of OCI runs on Java; with this we can provide customers with automatic patch updates, security, scalability, and better management of their services.”

Cyber-risks often derail new IT projects

Almost 64% of businesses have faced a situation where they were unable to launch new projects because of cybersecurity risks, says a recent Kaspersky report titled “Pushing the limits: How to address specific cybersecurity demands and protect IoT.” Of all the projects businesses have had to discard, the most common is the implementation of new IT solutions (52%), closely followed by changes in corporate policy (50%) and the launch of new business projects (49%). “With the current pace of business innovation, cybersecurity should enable and support new initiatives, not stop them,” said Andrey Suvorov, CEO at Aprotech (Kaspersky’s subsidiary IIoT company).

Reiterating the importance of the report’s findings, Dipesh Kaura, general manager, Kaspersky South Asia, said, “With more than 10 million 5G-ready devices already in the Indian market and 5G network in the last stages of preparation before launch this year, we’re clearly looking at large-scale IoT deployment in the country.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz