Tango Gameworks announces Hi-Fi Rush, which launches today

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Xbox surprised gamers at its Developer Direct with a new title from Tango Gameworks: Hi-Fi Rush. It’s a rhythm-action game where the hack-and-slash gameplay syncs with the music for a “living soundtrack.” The developers also announced it launches today on PC, Xbox and Game Pass.

Hi-Fi Rush has a cartoonish art style reminiscent of games like Jet Set Radio. It stars Chai, a “future rock star” and a cast of companions as they attempt to take on a major corporation. Chai must fight through its departments, each of which is themed after a musical genre, and finishes each section with a boss battle.

As stated, the game is an action title where all of Chai’s in-game moves sync with the soundtrack. It features licensed music as well as original songs. It looks like silly fun. The tongue-in-cheek trailer also touts Tango Gameworks’ previous titles, The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2 (though it leaves out their 2022 title Ghostwire Tokyo).

Hi-Fi Rush title leaked before the event, but not its content. Tango’s founder, Shinji Mikami, has said in previous interviews that he wants the studio to branch out from survival horror, and Hi-Fi Rush looks about as far from that genre as it’s possible to get.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz