Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania critique – More enjoyable than a … you know

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First off, spoiler alert, I’m providing Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania a 5/5. This may well look silly to some of you. Yes, this is in quite a few approaches a easy game. You have a monkey. They’re in a ball. And you have to tilt that ball toward the target.

This is also a remaster. Well, sort of. Banana Mania includes all of the levels and minigames from the 1st 3 Super Monkey Ball games. But quite a few of them have seen adjustments (do not be concerned, you can unlock the original versions also). The format is also distinctive right here. Before, you had to beat the campaign prior to operating out of lives. Like with quite a few contemporary games, the lives idea is gone right here now. If you die, you can retain attempting.

So, yeah. I’m providing a 5/5 to a remastered compilation of Super Monkey Ball. Banana Mania is some of the most enjoyable I’ve had gaming this year. If you choose this one up when it launches on October 5 for Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Computer, I bet you will have a comparable practical experience.

By the way, I played on Switch. If you are worried about receiving Banana Mania on that platform simply because of Sega’s lackluster port job with Sonic Colors: Ultimate on the program, do not be. Banana Mania runs fantastic on Switch and runs at a smooth 60 fps (as extended as you are not playing split screen multiplayer, then the framerate expectedly drops a bit).


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I’m a (banana) maniac

OK, so why do I like Banana Mania so a lot? First off, Super Monkey Ball is enjoyable. It was enjoyable back when I 1st played it as a GameCube launch game. It’s nonetheless enjoyable in 2021. It’s a easy idea that makes it possible for for some inventive, difficult levels. Sometimes you are just navigating your monkey via a comparatively easy obstacle course. Other instances you have to grasp more exclusive ideas or gimmicks, like applying distinctive switches to speed up, reverse, or pause spinning platforms so you can cross safely.

These levels can be difficult, but with some patience and thoughtfulness, you will sooner or later conquer them. And now that lives are not a point, you do not have to be concerned about also quite a few failures forcing a game more than and producing you replay levels you currently beat. Sure, from time to time you will come across a stage that you will get stuck on for what can really feel like hours. But, dang, it sure does really feel excellent when you ultimately cross the target line on these ones.

I’m also a massive fan of any game with enjoyable unlockables, and Banana Mania delivers right here. You earn points by playing, and you can use these to earn new characters, costumes, and even game modes. This is how you can unlock other Sega stars, like Sonic and Tails, as playable characters. You can even obtain a jump button that you can use in the single player content.

None of these goodies are also pricey, so you will be capable to unlock what you want just by playing a decent bit of the primary game.

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Image Credit: Sega

Party like it is 2002

If you ever play Super Monkey Ball prior to, you know that party games are typically the most effective element of the package. Banana Mania comes with 12 of these multiplayer minigames. This contains Monkey Fight, which has 4 players rolling about and attempting to punch every other off a platform even though battling more than upgrades. You also have Monkey Racing, a surprisingly decent kart racing-like practical experience. Monkey Billiards, Monkey Tennis, and Monkey Bowling are specifically what you count on, and somehow improved. I imply, Monkey Bowling is fairly a lot every little thing I have to have from any bowling game.

And then there’s Monkey Target, possibly the greatest minigame of all time. In this one, up to 4 players roll down a hill, shoot off a ramp, and float their way to far off targets. Then they attempt to land on zones that are worth the most points. It’s like competitive Pilot Wings.

Again, this sounds easy, but it is stupid how enjoyable this is with good friends. In one memorable game, me and 3 buddies had been shooting for a extended strip of land. The furthest, smallest element of this island just prior to the edge was worth the most points. The 1st one of us to attain this region deployed also late and just landed on the platform flat on his monkey stomach. Then the next particular person reached the second-most effective score zone. Not negative. And then I flew in and knocked him off. We each fell into the scoreless ocean. We had been all howling, and then the last of us soared down and landed on the last inch of the section that awarded the prime points. At this point, we had been all off the couch and jumping and screaming with excitement.

These minigames are just wonderful to play with good friends in the identical space. And it is simple to swap amongst them. You can play a round of bowling, then do a bit on Monkey Target, and perhaps finish off with a single race or a bout of Monkey Fight. The range is outstanding and can make an evening of gaming with good friends pass immediately.

Monkey about

Yes, Banana Mania is primarily just the type of Super Monkey Ball game that you’d count on. I just didn’t recognize how a lot I’ve missed this series. The single player levels present a difficult and inventive practical experience, even though the minigame offerings make this collection necessary to any individual who likes to play neighborhood multiplayer.

This is the most effective Super Monkey Ball has ever been.

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Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania is out on October 5 for Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Computer. Sega gave us a Switch code for this critique.

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