Streams Charts: Under-the-radar game streaming platform Trovo sees development

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Game streaming platform Trovo had more than 60 million total hours watched in 2021’s second quarter, according to Streams Charts. That is up from the more than 45 million total hours watched in Q1.

Trovo is a smaller sized platform than Twitch and YouTube, but it is experiencing some hefty development with viewers rising in browsers and by means of mobile apps. Trovo’s most-viewed games incorporate a lot of titles you’d count on to see on the prime charts at Twitch, which includes Grand Theft Auto V and League of Legends, but it also incorporates mobile games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Free Fire.

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“It is easy to lose sight of streaming startups when established platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook are constantly making headlines, but Trovo is gradually growing its footprint and identity,” Doron Nir, the cofounder of StreamElements, noted in a release sent to GamesBeat. “In addition to meeting the barrier to entry with an accessible broadcasting and chat interface and being the first to offer transcodes to all users, it has embraced a lot of the third party production and engagement tools that are the backbone of its competitors. While the road is long for newer platforms, the gaming market is big enough that strategic perseverance will pay off, especially for a platform like Trovo that is having strong quarterly growth.”

Trovo is technically in beta, and has been given that it launched last year. But for customers and viewers, there is no sensible distinction in between a beta and a complete release. Tencent, the Chinese technologies conglomerate and biggest video game publisher in the world, is Trovo’s parent organization. Growth for the platform is anticipated as it is nonetheless fairly young, and it is most likely enjoying the exact same pandemic increase that other gaming-associated services have seen more than the previous year.


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StreamElements presents engagement, production, and monetization tools for streaming platforms, which includes Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. Trovo not too long ago partnered with StreamElements for its services.

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