StreamElements: Games livestreaming dips in September

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StreamElements has released its State of the Stream report for September 2022. The report reveals that games livestreaming hours watched dipped slightly across all major platforms.

Twitch lost about 7% of its total hours watched month over month while YouTube Gaming contracted by 1%.

This report features data from international platforms NimoTV, AfreecaTV, Bigo Live, Trovo and Nonolive. This data confirms that the contraction is not limited to the largest platforms. The report provides more information on the top games, streamers and languages on these platforms, highlighting regional content preferences.

StreamElements points out that part of this decrease is due to September being a shorter month than August. However, hours watched also decreased on a per day basis. Given the audience age demographics, it’s possible that returning to school impacted watch time.

This month, the StreamElements has partnered with Streams Charts instead of its usual provider, This provides a unique opportunity to look at how important non-gaming content is to YouTube. Overall, gaming content accounts for 16% of the platform’s total watch time. YouTube’s most watched live channels tend to be music and news content.

StreamElements and Streams Charts show the most watched YouTube Live channels for September 2022

Non-gaming content is growing on Twitch. Just Chatting is the most watched category on the platform by a wide margin. In September, viewers watched nearly 250 million hours of Just Chatting content according to Streams Charts. However, YouTube’s nearly 2.3 billion hours of non-gaming content dwarfs this, highlighting the differences in platforms.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz