Splatoon 3 might feel faster after the 1.2.0 update

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Your Splatoon 3 multiplayer matches and Salmon Run jobs might feel a little bit faster after a big update coming soon. According to the patch notes, data will be transferred between players “about .05 seconds more quickly” than it was previously, which means you should see a reduction in how quickly a player is splatted after they’re damaged or how fast you pick up a golden egg in Salmon Run after first touching it.

The change is just one of many you can look forward to in version 1.2.0, which will be available Tuesday evening, according to Nintendo. The new version includes a huge number of improvements and updates across the board, including bug fixes, weapon adjustments, and some quality-of-life changes. The patch notes are extensive, and I recommend reading them for yourself if you want to get an idea of just how much will be addressed in this new version.

Nintendo also teased some early details about the next Splatoon 3 update, which the company says will include weapon balance changes and adjustments to the Tricolor modes that are available during Splatfest events. That update is scheduled to be released at the end of the current season, which concludes on November 30th, 2022. Ahead of that patch, though, you can look forward to the game’s next Splatfest, which begins on November 11th and will ask players to pick which pokémon starter type is the best. (It’s fire.)

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