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SPEECHELO Review 2021: AI Powered Text To Speech Cloud Software

SPEECHELO is a text to speech software by Stoica or the Blaster Suite Team. You can put in some words and the software will convert the text into almost human-sounding voices.

They are so many such software but for sure they are one of the best. You get 30 voices in 23 languages with a 700 word limit in the basic version.

They Offer 2 Upsells:

If you opt-in for the upsell that is Speechelo Pro version, then it adds up 30 more voices to your package which are pretty good.

It also gives you an option to add empathetic and different tones in speech (You can check it out in the video), also it has a feature of AI voice which optimizes the speech for you.t

Another upsell is Speechelo Tube, where basically you can download the video text from different youtube videos, convert them into different languages with the help of Speechelo and reupload them to make money.

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Speechelo Dashboard

Here are some of the features of Speechelo

Generate multiple varieties of voice

As per their sales pages, Speechelo allows you to create a voiceover using 700 words in the standard package. But you can also upgrade this and use the unlimited words in your voiceover.

A lot of text and language supports

Apart from English, this software supports multiple languages. You can easily create voiceover in different languages easily.

Change videos into captions

This feature allows you to use your videos to generate captions. This software automatically finds the language of your video and change it into any other language. This feature is helpful to those who are working in multi-language youtube channels.

3 Unique Reasons

  • It can add pauses and tone to your script as a human
  • It can do that with just 3 clicks
  • It has an incredible price right now that is the best in the market, 47$ and it will be your FOREVER, no monthly charges

Speechelo is a very good software for those who are looking for voiceover. It generates a human-like voice that sounds natural.

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Here are some Speechelo voices:

Speechelo Sample Voices

Good but not too many in standard version

Speechelo Pricing

Speechelo is available in the standard version and the pro version which is an upgrade to the Pro version.

For a limited time the Speechelo standard version costs $47 one time. And the Speechelo Pro upgrade will cost you $47 for 3 months. Please note that the Pro version is a recurring subscription.

Is Speechelo Really Unlimited?

Are there any limitations? Does Speechelo give you unlimited access? And the answer to these questions is a No and a Yes.

Surprisingly they have never mentioned any limitations of Speechelo usage on their sales page. However, they do exist.

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Word Of Caution:

The standard version has a limit of 5.5K characters for every download and has a 500,000 character limit for every month.

Similarly, the pro version has a 19K character limit for each download and 700,000 character limit for each month.

Please pay close attention to the above sentences. The limitations are on characters and not words. If you convert these characters to words, it will be even less.

Exceeding these usage limits, they will block your account for the remaining days of the month. 

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Our Take

Even with its usage limitations, we feel that Speechelo is a great voiceover software. We like the Speechelo Pro voices as few narrators there really sound human.

If you keep the usage of the software as prescribed, there will not be any problem for sure. We recommend you get the Speechelo standard version and then upgrade your account to Speechelo Pro.

One time price is worth for any serious marketer, a blogger or a vlogger for sure.

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