Spatial partners with Ready Player Me for a better avatar experience

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Have you ever tried to make yourself in a game? Either you end up adjusting about five thousand sliders, or you only have two looks to choose from. Also, I hope you like wearing a polo shirt and slacks, because that’s the wardrobe! Now, imagine that in the metaverse.

Like it or not, the metaverse seems to be moving out of the realm of science fiction and into reality. How will we present ourselves in the new, digital world? We all hope for something better than what we see in games today. Spatial and Ready Player Me have some thoughts.

“Over the last six months we’ve seen so many use cases that have both inspired and surprised us in equal measure,” said Jacob Loewenstein, head of growth at Spatial. “Together, we are creating a world online where you can almost do it all! Our creators and partners continue to push the boundaries of possibility, bringing communities together through customized experiential spaces.”

Spatial is a platform that enables users to host events. It started in 2016 with a focus on collaboration but has recently moved more into the metaverse due to Covid-19. Users can host anything from gallery events to runway shows. Think of it like a meeting venue in 3D.

In Spatial, you can have a character that represents you in the virtual world. Your avatar, until now, has been a floating upper body with a face that resembles yours. It works for recognition, but what about the rest of you and your style? That’s where Ready Player Me comes in.

Everyone’s invited

Ready Player Me enables participants to create avatars they can use across the metaverse. Once created, your avatar is ready to step out on any of the 2,250 plus participating platforms. Like Spatial, for instance.

“Spatial believes deeply in open and interoperable standards so we’re excited to adopt an avatar solution that enables users’ identities to persist across experiences,” said Jinha Lee, Spatial cofounder and CPO. “We are driven by providing a home for anyone from the creator premiering a new collection at an exhibition, to watch parties, runway shows or people looking for a place online for mental calm and freedom of expression.”

To that end, Spatial has recently announced a partnership with Ready Player Me. Though Ready Player Me offers avatar customization, this partnership is not just for the threads:

“Adding legs to our avatars is so much more than just a feature update — it transforms the experience and opens doors to a host of new audiences,” continued Loewenstein. “We’re committed to supporting inclusivity, self-identity and representation in virtual space and believe fashion is a core component on this journey.”

4 party
Spatial’s spaces can use new avatars.

Other than just adding legs to your avatar, you will have a lot of customization options. Spatial already has a good amount of clothing and accessories available, but more is forthcoming. Spatial plans to be as inclusive as possible with culturally relevant attire, including saris, hijabs, and non-binary avatar options.

“Spatial has been one of the most requested integrations by our users,” said Timmu Tõke, CEO & co-founder of Ready Player Me. “We couldn’t be more excited to bring our full-body avatars to Spatial and give users of the platform a completely new way to express themselves in web3.”

Metaverse fans should check out the sites for Spatial and Ready Player Me for more information. I wonder if they’d make me a velour tracksuit? A man can dream.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz