Snapchat gets live location sharing feature like WhatsApp, here is how to use it

Snapchat has come out with a new feature, called Temporary Live Location for its users. The users will be able to share their live location with friends on the platform. Rolling out globally, the new feature will enable users to share their real-time whereabouts with friends to let them know exactly where they are; whether they are coming for the meet up or heading home alone at night.

The live location sharing is however different from the regular location sharing on photo and video sharing app Snapchat.

With the help of this recent update, Snapchat users will be able to share their live location updates with friends for a period between 15 minutes to up to eight hours. Users must also note that the new feature works only between friends on an individual basis. Meaning, your live location won’t be traceable or visible to the entire Snapchat community. Your location can only be tracked by friends who have chosen to share your location with on the app.

It is important for you and your friends to be friends on Snapchat before any one of you can share your live locations with each other. Additionally, Snapchat displays a pop-up window whenever a user is accessing the live location feature for the very first time. This is actually a reminder for users that live location is meant to be shared with your friends and family in particular. The overall purpose here is to avoid any kind of privacy issues that users could face due to real-time location sharing.

The Temporary Live Location Sharing feature is out for everyone across the globe. It was rolled out the other day on Friday across Android and iOS.

How to share live location on Snapchat with family and friends:

Sharing a live location with your friends on Snapchat is simple. Follow this step-by step guide to enable the new update on your app.

Step 1: Open the profile of your friend you want to share your real time location with.

Step 2: You will see your friend’s profile. Now scroll down and you will find the option, ‘Share my Live Location’.

Step 3: As you will click on the option, you will find a pop-out that will inform you about the new Live Location feature.

Step 4: You can tap on, ‘Sounds Good’ in order to go ahead with the feature.

As we mentioned already, the feature works between friends that too on an individual basis, you will not be able to share your live locations with more than one friend at a time.

When sharing your live location with a friend, they will be able see your Bitmoji with a special icon ‘Live’. This icon will be particularly visible to your friend and not to others on the app.

The Temporary Live Location feature on Snapchat is an extension of the existing Snap Map feature launched back in June 2017. This new feature on Snapchat works similar to how we share locations with our contacts on WhatsApp.

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