Signal now lets you change your number without wiping out your conversation threads

Signal is rolling out a new feature that allows users to switch phone numbers on their account without losing all their existing chats, groups, and messages within the secure messaging app.

In order to add a new number, you’ll still need to be able to get Signal messages sent to your old number. Then, head over to the new “Change Phone Number” option under Signal’s account settings, where you’ll be asked to enter in both the old and new numbers. Lastly, Signal will guide you through the usual registration process for setting up a phone number with one of its accounts.

Once you’ve successfully updated your number, contacts you’ve been chatting with in Signal will see a new message inline in your thread that notes that you’ve changed their phone number, along with a helpful link to update your contact card accordingly. Crucially, though, you won’t lose your existing thread or groups that you’re already a part of.

The new feature is intended for users who are keeping their current phone but getting a new phone number — if you’re just upgrading to a new phone and want to keep all your stuff, you’ll need to use Signal’s local data transfer feature to send over your data from your old device to a new one.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz