Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life – 5 information you will want to know

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Rare revealed A Pirate’s Life in the course of E3 last week. This new adventure for Sea of Thieves will give players a possibility to adventure with Pirates of Caribbean star Captain Jack Sparrow, and it is coming to the Xbox and Computer game as a free of charge expansion on June 22.

Still, there is a lot about the expertise that we do not know. I was portion of a current virtual preview for A Pirate’s Life, and it gave me an chance to understand a lot more about Rare’s Disney crossover.

And so, substantially in contrast to a pirate, I’ve decided to share this treasure of know-how with you all. I’ve picked out 5 of the most exciting nuggets that I discovered from Rare.

You can play it by your self

Are you a Pirates of the Caribbean fan who is worried about discovering a crew of other players ahead of beginning A Pirate’s Life? Don’t be! Rare has produced the story so that it can be enjoyed by one, two, 3, or 4 players. The difficulty and gameplay will scale based on the size of your party.

Playing by your self may possibly nonetheless sound like a lonely expertise for a game that prides itself on co-op multiplayer, but you will have Jack Sparrow along to support you. He’ll help you in the course of fights by manning the cannons, and if you are exploring the open seas you can uncover him seeking at your map and commenting on the names of the game’s quite a few islands.

You can commence the story with a new character

Maybe you want to attempt A Pirate’s Life, but you are not a Sea of Thieves player. You’ll be fine. Even new characters can commence the campaign.

Granted, you do have to at least full the game’s opening tutorial, so A Pirate’s Life can not be the literal initial factor that you do. Still, that shouldn’t take you as well lengthy.

You can not play as Jack Sparrow

Sorry, you will not be in a position to play as the captain himself. However, you will be in a position to invest in Pirates of the Caribbean-themed cosmetics for your character, like Jack Sparrow’s well-known pirate outfit.

Sea of Thieves is nonetheless a game about getting your personal pirate. It’s also nonetheless, properly, Sea of Thieves. A Pirate’s Life does not turn the expertise into a complete-on Pirates of the Caribbean game. Rather, it brings the Disney characters into Sea of Thieves’ world.

Image Credit: Rare

No, that is not Johnny Depp

Jack Sparrow’s voice sounds convincing in the game, but it is not Johnny Depp you are hearing. Rare hired Jared Butler for the function. The voice actor has voiced Jack ahead of, like for 2019’s Kingdom Hearts III.

He also did the voice of the Mad Hatter in 2010’s Alice in Wonderland game (yes, they made a game based off of that film), so he is an seasoned Johnny Depp voice double.

It requires inspiration from the ride as properly as the moves

I do like the Pirates of the Caribbean motion pictures (some of them more than other folks), but my heart really belongs to the original ride. So I was satisfied to hear that Rare is taking just as substantially inspiration from the Disneyland masterpiece.

You may possibly have currently noticed a tribute to the ride’s well-known dog-and-important scene in the reveal trailer, but the game also has homages to other moments from the ride, like the mayor interrogation scene and the pirate ship attack. You’ll also hear a version of the eerie narration from ahead of the ride’s second drop.

Oh, and you can also understand how to play the well-known Pirates of the Caribbean song, “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me).” That is cause adequate for me  to play Sea of Thieves’ new adventure.

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