Save some extra green on this Orbit Wireless Charger during our Green Monday sale

Almost 150 years ago Alexander Graham Bell patented the first telephone. When the words “Mr. Watson, come here, I need you” were uttered to his assistant, history was made. What would Mr. Bell think of our modern devices, not only operating without coils and wires but the fact that they can now be charged with magnetic auto-alignment? Sometimes technology boggles even our minds, imagine what would be going through his.

Telephones went through many iterations before 1973 when Motorola came out with the first portable phone. It weighed almost 2.5 pounds, offered a talk time of just 30 minutes, and required 10 hours to recharge. When the mobile phone first went to market, it sold for an exorbitant $4,000. As of 2017, approximately two-thirds of the world’s population had a mobile phone connection, and now in 2021, that number has grown to almost 90 percent.

We all know that there is not one of us who could bear to wait that 10 hours it previously took for a phone to charge. In fact, in our world of immediacy, faster is always better. This Orbit MagSafe Wireless Charger features Qi charging for Android and iPhones alike and is tested to be 24% quicker than the Apple MagSafe charger. So easy to use, thanks to the magnetic auto-alignment, you can simply snap the charger to your phone’s wireless charging coil, and let the juices flow! Lightweight and comfortable to use, with a smooth vegan leather coating that adds a durable, scratch-proof layer, this gadget is not only super-efficient, but it’s also sleek and stylish.

So if you’re still scratching your head, trying to fill out your Christmas list, this is the perfect gift for anyone who has a Qi-enabled device. Available during our Green Monday sale for an extra 20% off our already discounted price, the Orbit Wireless Charger can be wrapped up with a bow and put under your tree for only $21.59 with coupon code GREEN20.

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